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Gold Domains is a brokerage division of Excellent Domains Inc., a wholly owned Canadian company, created in 2001 to help Canadian businesses connect easily with domain owners, interested in selling their descriptive and generic domain names.

At Gold Domains our experience, industry understanding, and marketing insight will help your business with domain name acquisitions and domain strategy. With the ever changing and evolving world of the internet, we help serve all levels of businesses, organizations and individuals, helping them make better domain decisions.

Gold Domains continues to strive for excellence, commitment to service, and results for our clients whether buying or selling domains, creating internet marketing strategies, or assisting them in better understanding the multiple market aspects of the internet business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a domain name "premium"?

Premium, generic domain names are high-value domains that have been previously registered. They are often popular terms, they are easy to remember, have strong branding potential and attract natural type-in traffic.

What happens after the owner and I come to an agreement?

Once an agreement is made, Gold Domains will partner with to facilitate the payment and domain transfer. We will guide you through the entire process until you have the domain name in your possession. Please note that the buyer is responsible for all escrow fees, unless stated otherwise.

What are my payment options?

Wire Transfer
Certified Check

What is is the largest licensed escrow service on the internet. has cleared more than 2 billion dollars in transactions, and is used by companies such as GoDaddy, eBay, and AutoTrader. They act as a trusted settlor between buyer and seller, and hold the funds from a transaction until the buyer has received their name and verified that everything is in order.

What is a domain transfer?

A Domain Ownership Transfer, also more commonly known as a Domain Push, is a transfer of a domain at the same registrar. Essentially, it is used for transferring a domain from the seller's to the buyer's account at the domain name registrar. This format of transfer is quick, hassle-free and there is no cost to the buyer. Once you have acquired the domain name you will be required to pay the annual renewal fees charged by your registrar (usually between $10-$35). A Domain Name Registrar is responsible for the management of your domain records. All ICAAN-Accredited Registrars abide by ICAAN's domain name transfer policy. Upon receipt of confirmation of your payment from, the domain ownership transfer process will be initiated.